Prince Rupert, BC

Prince Rupert, BC

A Fishing Vacation Paradise

A surprise lies awaits you on British Columbia’s Northwest Coast. Prince Rupert is a vibrant port town where nature, history and personalities are larger than life. A surprisingly cosmopolitan hub on the wild and beautiful coast of Northern BC, Prince Rupert offers a unique combination of experiences: breathtaking encounters with wildlife and legendary saltwater fishing, attractions that bring to life the area’s rich First Nations culture and pioneer heritage, and the urban pleasures of good restaurants, fascinating shops and colourful neighbourhoods.

A Transportation Hub

Prince Rupert also boasts a vital port. It is Canada‘s deepest ice-free harbour, and a full two days shipping time closer to Asian markets than any other west coast port. Rail connections stretching across the continent all the way to Memphis, Tennessee, feed the container port at Prince Rupert, and a busy tourist season is strengthened by visits by almost all of the major cruise lines.

Getting to Prince Rupert, BC

A First Nations Connection

Prince Rupert, on Kaien Island, lies in the traditional territory of the Tsimshian First Nation, who have lived in this stunning coastal wilderness for thousands of years. “Kaien” is a Tsimshian word meaning “sea foam”, a name given because the island lies so close to the mainland that tidal rapids are created.

A Rich Fishing History

Prince Rupert lies just south of the Alaskan panhandle, and midway between the Nass River to the north and the legendary Skeena River to the south. Both rivers feed into Chatham Sound, and produce vast runs of all five species of Pacific salmon. At one time cannery villages were scattered along the coast, making this a hub of the west coast commercial fishing industry, and enough fresh halibut was shipped from Prince Rupert that it became known as the “Halibut Capital of the World.” Even today one will find almost every imaginable type of fishing vessel at the docks of Prince Rupert.

Today thousands of local residents, friends from nearby communities, and people from around the world visit to experience sport fishing in the waters of Chatham Sound off Prince Rupert. Here fishing is more than just a job or a hobby—it’s a way of life.

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