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More Fish – Fewer Crowds

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More Fish – Fewer Crowds
Prince Rupert, BC
Foggy Point Charter Services is a salmon and halibut fishing charter company with some of the top fishing guides in Prince Rupert. Because of the vast area and abundance of stocks, Prince Rupert is known for “More Fish – Fewer Crowds.” Foggy Point’s guides have for over 20 years provided licensed & experienced local fishing expertise to sports fishermen.

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Foggy Point Fishing Charters

Fishing Adventure Rates

Off Season

Prior Jun 1 and after Sept 7

1-2 People: $1200 CAD
3-4 People: $1300 CAD

Peak Season

Jun 1 – Sept 7

1-2 People: $1300 CAD
3-4 People: $1400 CAD

CALL FOR FAMILY RATES (over 4 people)

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Charter information

Charter booking dates are available from May to October, up to 4 people 1-5 days per trip.


We are updating our booking system, to book a fishing charter, please give Rick Conklin a call or send a message.

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    Foggy point fishing charter3
    A fine Halibut Catch

    Foggy Point Charters

    Foggy point fishing charter4
    Trophy Catches

    Chinook Salmon, Prince Rupert

    Great Lingcod

    Happy Fishermen

    Spectacular Whale Shot

    Image credit: Simon Sees

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